Our Frankly Speaking club hosted a fantastic workshop provided by Vera Orac from the Prague Toastmasters Club. The participants had a possibility to follow the process of writing a speech from the first drafts till one of the last variants of a speech which became later one of successful test speeches for an evaluation contest. The speaker demonstrated how to find the highlights of the speech and build a good story. During the second section the participants could learn how the three magic points could be helpful for writing a well structured speech. At the end of the workshop the participants could share their own opinions and experiences about how to find and highlight essentials of a speech, which would help the speaker to capture attention of the public with his or her story.
Not only write your speech but also speak it out loud, talk about your speech to different people, record your speech to hear how your voice highlights the essential moments, always think about your audience, change your perspectives – these and many other recommendations for speech writers were discussed at the workshop. Good mood, jokes and creative ideas of the participants provided the workshop a good learning atmosphere.